Gamblers around the world, unite!

Together we create a meme world and manage it! Join the community and catch lulz and try to hop on the first car of the 2022 crypto train. Don't be sorry later if you miss it!

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BSC Contract0x3CC24873f85F52FAe8A06e00bf54f0597Ca29126

Innovative Features

Auto LP Token Nuke

Lift price floor with each sell through liquidity pair adjustments in favor of the NEW ERA BITCOIN ($NEB) investor.

Ultimate Degenification

Don't be a fucking retard and finally make it this time, forget about all the safemoons, elonmasks, dogs, cats, gorillas and their babies. Forget the zombie doge. The real walking zombie right now is the bitcoin. Bitcoin is resurrected!

HODL and get rewarded

You buy, you shill, you get a reward of a million X's, you buy a new Lambo (or a house in California, whatever, I don't care), you're proud in front of your friends that without doing anything you got everything.


Buy 9%
Sell: 9%
3% goes to the liquidity pool to keep the value of the coin going up, 6% goes to advertising, we all know it's not fucking cheap unfortunately

0% of Burnt tokens

Usually, tokens are burned to hide the real
percentage of token ownership. Fuck it

7% Max wallet

No one can buy a lot of tokens
And dump the token. Even the owner


($NEB) should not be considered an investment and is a community-owned project that's decentralized on the blockchain. No one person or entity owns ($NEB), but the community who has invested in its development. ($NEB) is not responsible for losses or errors you experience while using it's website, platform, or other services and you should use at your own risk. NO information on this website, platform, or other services should be considered as financial advice. ($NEB) should be considered high risk and you should not invest more money than you can afford to lose.